Water Conservation Tips for M Streets Dallas

Water Conservation Tips for M Streets Dallas

  • Water when it’s coolest — in the morning or evening, though mornings are best.
  • Check faucets, sprinklers and hoses for leaks.
  • Raise your lawnmower cutting height. A taller lawn holds moisture better.
  • Adjust sprinklers so only the lawn is watered, not sidewalks, driveways or streets.
  • Apply fertilizer — a well-nourished lawn can better handle drought stress.
  • Avoid watering until you can see your footprints in the grass.
  • Adjust your watering schedule each month to match seasonal weather conditions.
  • Use mulch in planting beds to minimize evaporation and control weeds.
  • Water only when plants look like they need it — most plants die from overwatering, not underwatering.
  • Water plants deeply but less frequently, and use watering cans when possible.
  • Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses for shrubbery and trees to minimize evaporation.
  • Choose plants suited to your area.
  • Use rain barrels or buckets to capture water from your downspouts.

If you are really serious about conserving water, or even if you want to save money when it comes to your water bill, then you might want to consider an Irrigation Specialist. This is someone who has studied what it takes to keep our lawns and gardens alive during our brutal summers. One such company is Nik’s Tree, Landscaping, and Irrigation. The owner is a professional arborist and has an advanced degree from Texas A&M. Give him a call to get an estimate for your yard.

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