Trader Joe’s Opens Near M Streets Dallas

Trader Joe’s Opens Near M Streets Dallas

One might think that it was a championship game of the NCAA Basketball tournament, the one that my wife calls the Final Four. (Yes, her attention to collegiate basketball leaves something to be desired, but in all honesty, she outshines me in so many other ways.)

I’m talking about all of the hype for the opening of the Lower Greenville location of Trader Joe’s. So much was said about the traffic. Would it be too much? Would there be enough parking spaces? How many extra security people were going to be needed?

Now, I hope the grocery is a huge hit. We need the retailers to grow and prosper because it (1) gives us more of a choice as consumers and (2) nothing looks worse for a neighborhood than empty storefronts. (Just go ask the people living up near Lennox Center at Campbell and Coit. Now that is a shopping center in a great location, but one that just could never completely fill all of its space, giving it a “yesterday’s news” type of feeling even from day one.)

I, personally, do very little grocery shopping. My wife, mentioned in an earlier paragraph, is a coupon Queen, and she knows that I am hopeless when it comes to looking for groceries, especially ones that are reduced by a few cents via coupons.

Besides, the wife is from Los Alamos, that little secret city (at least until sometime in the fifties), and we find ourselves in Santa Fe fairly often. There has been a Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe for a while. My wife, and her two sisters, always find a reason to stop in. They say it is for dinner items, but I think it is more for the bottles of 2-buck chuck (oops, inflation adjustment, I think it is more appropriately named 3-buck chuck now.)

In any event, the mystique of Trader Joe’s just wasn’t in the air for me.

But please don’t let that stop YOU from coming down and checking out the new store. The fact that my wife visits the Santa Fe store every time we are in New Mexico, and that she is now on a first-name basis with most of the employees up at the Plano store, should help you see that it is well worth a visit.

And while you are down in the Lower Greenville area, drive through the wonderful M Streets neighborhood of Dallas. Then come back to our M Streets Dallas website, take a look through our pages, and then contact me for an appointment. These homes move fast. They are some of the grand dames of East Dallas and offer a living experience not found anywhere else in the Dallas Metroplex.

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  1. My wife loves Trader Joes. Thanks for letting us know the one open near the M Streets.

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