New Restaurant coming to the M Streets Dallas Neighgorhood

New Restaurant coming to the M Streets Dallas Neighgorhood

Looks like we will have a new choice on the restaurant front by August or September.

Chef Genaro Silva, a successful entrepreneur and restauranteur, is planning a new concept that should be located near the Mockingbird/Abrams intersection. You will probably remember him for his role in Moctezuma’s fame.

The new restaurant will be called Genaro’s Mexican Cuisine and will be a variety of Mexican dishes with Italian and Latin influences. Items such as saffron linguini, swordfish kebabs, and ground lamb enchilada might be found on the menu. All because these are dishes that Silva likes to eat. (If you have your name on the marquee then I guess you can choose to serve whatever you want.)

And we mustn’t forget the “French Kiss” (cow’s tongue in a taco.) That might be a little too adventurous for some of us, but how interesting that it might be one of our choices.

Silva grew up in the M Streets so this is right in his back yard. He is completely familiar with this eclectic neighborhood and knows what will work for his target guests.

M Streets Dallas is an area that is on-the-grow. People are noticing the Tudor-style homes and are wanting housing design that is a far cry from tract homes.

Contact me if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the M Streets area. I would be happy to show you the M Streets homes for sale.

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